5 Reasons to have a Foam Party


Summer is just around the corner, the season where temperatures are the highest, as well as the time of year when the sun stays in the sky the longest. Foam Fiesta offers you several options to fully enjoy your summer birthday party while refreshing yourself. 

Stop your search now, and try something different instead of the bouncy castles, foam parties have quickly become the hottest activity of the summer for birthday parties. Finally the perfect activity for your child’s birthday in the comfort of your backyard.

We have prepared for you 5 reasons why to choose a foam party with foam fiesta:

1. Quick and easy

Moncton Birthday Foam Party

Our rental process is quick and easy, ensuring your party planning experience is stress-free. All our foam machine rental packages include delivery and installation in the Greater Moncton region and the Caraquet region (fees apply for outside regions) as well as pick-up of the equipment when your party is over.

You only need to complete our online booking application:

  1. Provide your contact details and party details.
  2. Choose the package that suits you best for your number of participants
  3. Submit your request
  4. Foam Fiesta will contact you to confirm your reservation.

Now you wait for the big day 🙂

2. Personalize the party with the addition of colour

Foam Party with Coloured Foam

Like the colours of the rainbow, Foam Fiesta is bursting with colour. Why not add a little (or a lot) to the foam?

To complete the theme of your party choose between pink, green, purple, yellow, orange or blue foam additives and create a festive atmosphere. Easy to use, water-based and non-toxic, you only need to mix it with your water and foam solution. And there you have it, now your birthday party is overflowing with colourful bubbles.

3. The “GLOW IN THE DARK” experience

Foam Party UV Glow In The Dark Moncton

Normally, foam parties take place under the broad daylight sun, but for this one, we wait until nightfall to transform the foam with our UV-GLOW solution.

The glow-in-the-dark package is the ultimate experience for an unforgettable celebration. No planning is required on your part. Our team stays on-site to create a magical, bright and electrifying atmosphere. This package includes glow sticks, UV LED lights to make the moss glow, fun mood lights and a premium sound system. The foam fiesta “Glow in the Dark” package is the perfect choice for birthday parties of all ages and for those who love to party.

4. Add a “Slip & Slide” to your FOAM party

Slip & Slide Foam Party Moncton

Foam Fiesta truly has something for all tastes and ages, which is why adding a slip-and-slide to your party is a must.

Our inflatable slide measures 32 feet long by 6 feet wide so you can slide all day long. This option is perfect for older children who need to expend their energy because they will have to run to propel themselves down the slide. Add inflatable accessories to increase the fun. The slip & slide is also a great addition for afternoons of friendly games to be completed with a foam machine package of your choice. Once again, our team takes care of delivery and installation.

5. An activity for everyone

Moncton Foam Party with Foam Fiesta

For a birthday party like no other, choose a foam party that includes everyone of all ages, young and old, and without forgetting people with limited physical abilities as well as people who suffer from hearing hypersensitivity.

The foam machine installation can be placed on all surfaces such as grass, gravel, patios or paved surfaces. Since the foam area can be extended onto almost any flat surface, the accessibility is ideal for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility so that they too can fully enjoy the visual and sensory activity.

We also suggest for hearing hypersensitivity to prepare a mountain of foam in advance and then turn off the machine which completely reduces the noise during the playing time.

New Addition – FOAM Party Invitations Cards

We know how planning a birthday party can take up your time, so we’ve prepared a gift for you. You can now download our Foam Party birthday invitation cards. Personalize them with your information and the name of the party and you are all set. Available in French and English!





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