Any backyard with at least 20ft x 20ft is good enough for a single Foam Cannon machine. For 2 x Foam Cannons or Mega Cannons, a bigger space area is recommended.
Most of our customers use our foam machines for private and birthday parties, but you can use them for any other type of events, such as; school events, business, staff or private parties, festivals, kindergarten, and summer events.
No, the bubbles are gentle, non-toxic, biodegradable. They won't stain clothing or affect grass any more than water does. We even include a 10ft x 20ft tarp to contain the foam from the grass and dirt.
Yes, our Foam Solution is non-toxic, biodegradable, and hypoallergenic. Our dermatologist-approved foam powder solution is organic, safe for the environment, and doesn't contain any additives that will irritate your skin or eyes.
Yes it is, so please be cautious!
​Anything you want really. Some wear bathing suits, some full clothes.
Yes, all our foam machine rental packages include installation, delivery, and instructions on how to use the foam machine. Delivery is within the Greater Moncton area only. Any other rentals have to be picked up at our location.
Extra delivery fees will be determined by the distance (kilometers) to your event from our location. Contact us to get a quote for delivery if you are outside the Greater Moncton area.
Customers can cancel the foam fiesta rental and get a full down deposit refund until 48 hours before the event. If the customer cancels after 48 hours and before the delivery is made, we keep the down deposit but the customer can choose another date (if available) for his foam fiesta booking during the same season only.
It is the customer’s responsibility to verify the weather projections and decide if they want to keep their Foam Fiesta booking or cancel before an event. Please refer to our cancelation policy for this matter.
Customers must provide 1 or 2 (15amps) power outlets depending on the foam machine rental package and also have an outdoor water faucet available to fill the 55-gallon barrel. The power outlet and water faucet must be within reach of where the Foam Machine & 55-gallon plastic drum will be installed.
We accept cash, debit cards, and e-Transfers only. Payment must be made upon delivery of the equipment.